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August 18, 2013

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Long time SEO enthusiast, IT & Billing director of FrostSEO UK, involved in dynamic web design since 1996, published in popular magazines across Europe. Huge fan of Star Talk & Burn Notice. Follow at @tmpkn

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SEO Guaranteed Results

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It is not a big surprise that people like guaranteed results. If you buy a new car it comes with a legally binding promise that it will take you from A to B, rather than just sit in garage and shine. So if customers can expect warranties on physical goods, why not ask for the same when it comes to services, like SEO?

This article reviews the latest packages, tariffs and bespoke quotations for Search Engine Optimization services offered by FrostSEO. For more insight on our view on Guaranteed SEO, please refer to this post: SEO and Warranties.

SEO Packages

For most customers, the easiest way to assess the costs of their campaign is to use one of our SEO Packages. At the moment, there are three available:


Each one of them comes with a few extra value additions, which we will cover later on in this document. For now let’s have a look at the core service offered in each of them: the Search Engine Optimization.

First thing we have to consider when choosing a package is whether the keywords are going to be local or global. Local keywords are phrases, which describe a product or service offered to a local community, for example: “Road Assistance Brighton”. If you have unique brand name, which you use for your business, it will also be considered a local phrase.

On the contrary, global keywords are the ones that are going to attract a wider audience, like a whole country or even more – the Internet. For instance – if you want to promote your website under a generic product name, like “buy insurance online”, the competition we will have to deal with is going to be considerably larger compared to local phrases.

This is why global keywords are only available in Professional and Premium packages. In order to successfully deliver the expected results, we have to allocate appropriate resources and manpower to your account. We are not going to compare ourselves to the competition and engage in price race, as we feel it’s results that should speak for themselves, not promises.

Our SEO Packages also come with a bunch of extra perks. Most notably: PPC Campaigns discount and Free Hosting service in one of our state of art data centers.

We feel that those three packages should answer to most customers demands, but for those with extraordinary requirements, we have something more left in store:

Tailor Made Offer

Bespoke SEO is a made to order package offered by FrostSEO to everyone whose business needs a more personal approach. This includes – amongst others – enterprise customers, ad agencies, or firms offering less common services, like adult entertainment or sports bets. In order to request a tailor-made quotation, simply use out Free Quote option and fill in the form, describing the nature of your business. Your request will be handled directly by one of our SEO Specialists, and in the next few hours you will receive a personalized offer based on your input.

Your phrases will be priced in one of two tariffs: Static SEO, where your monthly commitment is constant throughout the course of your campaign and Dynamic SEO, based on three different daily rates, charged to your account depending on your website’s actual position in the search results listings.

With Dynamic SEO, we deliver a true Guaranteed SEO service. If you are not on page one of search results, you are not paying a penny (or a cent). This is a brand new quality on the Search Engine Optimization market, with no fine prints and no hidden clauses.

How does it work behind the scenes? Our automated system searches for your selected keywords every single day. It then looks for your website in the results pages and once it’s found, it writes down the position on which it’s being displayed. Then, if you’re website is not on page one, our Guaranteed SEO kicks in and you’re not charged anything. If you come up within the first 10 hits, then depending on your actual place, one of three daily fees will be used: T1 (places 1-3), T2 (places 4-6) or T3 (places 7-10).

Cute Kittens in Action

Let’s have a look at a real life example. Say you want to promote your website with the phrase “cute kittens”, which as we all know are the most competitive keywords on the whole Internet. Your Dynamic SEO tariff gives you the following rates:

  • T1: £2.00
  • T2: £1.50
  • T3: £1.00

You sign up on the 1st day of the month and we launch the campaign immediately. After 15 days, your website finally comes up on page one search results for “cute kittens”. It stays on position #8 for five days, then jumps to #4 for five days and finally goes to the top (#1) for the last five days of the month.

In this case, you would be charged the following fees:

  • NOTHING for the first 15 days, when you’re not one page one,
  • £1.00 x 5 days = £5.00 – T3 rate for position #8,
  • £1.50 x 5 days = £7.50 – T2 rate for position #4,
  • £2.00 x 5 days = £10.00 – T1 rate for position #1.

Because our Guaranteed SEO is post-pay, this means you would not pay out a single penny until your website rating was successfully improved.

This is how we do it at FrostSEO. While some promise you “quality”, and others promise you “effort”, we pride ourselves in promising guaranteed results.

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